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      We proposed to enable this using the following approaches:

      • Data exploration to understand and analyze data
      • A robust data-design on the client’s new SFDC Lightning Platform to meet business requirements
      • Data consolidation and cleansing using de-duplication process, ERP linkages and data enrichment through 3rd?party data
      • Recommendation for a parent-child hierarchy set up
      • Data governance to ensure availability of high-quality data


      • The client now had access to centralized customer data that enabled better customer visibility
      • The parent-child hierarchy set-up allowed the client to identify cross sell opportunities, prospects and dormant customers across its SBUs
      • Integration of data from multiple sources enabled the sales leadership and executives to monitor, predict and drive growth strategies


      • Integrated master data on SFDC lightning platform enabled sales reps in creating cross-sell opportunities valued over USD 4.6M within three months
      • Detailed reports and dashboard created on new SFDC Lightning platform for individual and overall business segments have helped provide insights for decision making to leadership and sales teams

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